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Show 56: Packing a Pocket Rocket


 With the popularity of Concealed Carry and all fifty states having some form of it there is no question about there being a market for small guns that can be carried in a pocket, in an ankle holster, or in some other way.  The pocket gun truly became an option for the public with the Kel-tec series of pistols, but it took Ruger releasing the LCP in order to cause a shortage of .380 ammo and drive up demand for pocket pistols.

To test these guns we used guns that we ourselves actually owned, using factory ammunition that we purchased on a range that we normally use under conditions that most shooters would practice under.  The trigger pull was tested by Aaron, the Chronograph data was collected by Ray on all but the XDs-45 (Ran out of daylight for the chronograph).

  Each of these guns we compare will have features that make them ideal for pocket carry, but in the end it will be you who must decide which one is the winner.  So let us know which one wins in your opinion!

.380 ACP

Model: LCP P238 Micro Eagle G42
Manufacturer: Ruger Sig Sauer Magnum Research Glock
Capacity: 6+1 6+1 6+1 6+1
Weight: 9.40oz 15.2oz 14.0oz 13.76oz
Barrel: 2.75" 2.7" 2.22" 3.25"
Height: 3.60" 3.9" 3.72" 4.13"
Width: 0.82" 1.1" 0.886" 0.83"
Length: 5.16" 5.5" 4.52" 5.94"
Trigger pull: 6lb 0oz 9lb 8oz 8lb 15oz 6lb 11oz
Muzzle Energy: 78.343 Ft/Lbs 82.048 Ft/Lbs 63.65 Ft/Lbs 81.73 Ft/Lbs


Model: Slim P938
Make: Taurus Sig Sauer
Capacity: 7+1 6+1
Weight: 19oz 16oz
Barrel: 3.2" 3.0"
Height: 4.52" 3.9"
Width: 1.04" 1.1"
Length: 6.24" 5.9"
Trigger pull: 5lb 15oz 6lb 12oz
Muzzle Energy: 119.025 Ft/Lbs 121.631 Ft/Lbs

38 Special

Model: LCR 442
Make: Ruger Smith & Wesson
Capacity: 5 5
Weight: 13oz 15oz
Barrel: 1.875" 1.875"
Height: 4.50" 4.25"
Width: 1.31" 1.188"
Length: 6.5" 6.31"
Trigger pull: 9lb 7oz 10lb 2oz
Muzzle Energy: 107.493 Ft/Lbs 107.229 Ft/Lbs

.45 ACP and .40 S&W

Model: G27 XDs-45
Make: Glock Springfield Armory
Capacity: 9+1 5+1
Weight: 21.89oz 21.5oz
Barrel: 3.42" 3.3"
Height: 4.17" 4.4"
Width: 1.18" 1"
Length: 6.49" 6.3"
Trigger pull: 6lb 2oz 6lb 14.5oz
Muzzle Energy: 176.16 Ft/Lbs Untested*

*= Untested due to lack of light during range Session.

Story: In New York Officials have elected not to enforce the 7 rounds per magazine limit while the safe act is being appealed.  This is an important victory for the Second Amendment Foundation even if it is a small one.

Story: In New Mexico the Second Amendment Foundation has won another victory when they were granted a permanent injunction against the state’s citizenship only requirement for a concealed handgun license.  New Mexico has never had any problems issuing a driver’s license to illegal aliens while restricting legal aliens second amendment rights.

Story: Mike Malloy, a noted liberal radio host, stated that he would like to invite an NRA board member to meet him, then murder them and try to claim stand your ground as a defense.  Sadly it’s nut jobs like these that need mental help while they claim we gun owners are crazy.

Story: We are not going to link to this story because there is not enough facts known at this time.  We do however wish to offer our condolences and prayers to those who were affected by the most recent tragic shooting at Fort Hood Texas.

Episode 55: Glocking Off…


Accused of being a Glock hater Aaron has purchased his third Glock pistol bringing his current collection of Glocks to 2.  Ray not wanting to be left out purchased himself a new Glock as well.  When it was all said and done a previously planned episode was thrown out the window and a new one was outlined to review The Glock Model 42 and a Gen 3 Glock Model 27.

Story: Ares Armor the makers of 80% complete polymer lower receivers was raided by the BATFE in what is being viewed as a retaliatory strike in response to Ares Armor obtaining a restraining order against them taking their customer list.  The link goes to a blog article with a video of the raid.

Story: From ammoland we have a story about the owner of Jitters Java encouraging their employees to carry firearms while at work.  All employees are encouraged to get firearms training by the owner.

Story: Dianne Feinstein has been circulating a letter for signatures around Capitol Hill that she plans to present to President Obama.  The letter calls for the ban on importation of weapons that she doesn’t like.  Essentially she is asking for an executive order that would effectively reinstate the Clinton Assault Weapons ban on imports while extending the firearms that would be covered by it.

Episode 53: Another 1911 episode and Ray Returns.


In this episode we address some Listener eMail that we received and answered back around episode 49. We didn’t Get around to replying to it until this episode because Ray wanted to do this episode which was based off the eMail. The eMail reads as follows: Read more ›

Epispode 51: Suppressors and Open Carry


Ray is still out, he was feeling better, went hunting and now he’s not feeling quite as good as he was.  Aaron is not at his best either. he is suffering from a sinus attack and sounds like Darth Vader due to mouth breathing a few times.  But to make up for it We have Two interviews for you.  First off is Alexander Crown From GEMTECH.  If you do not know who GEMTECH is then you probably have not had any interest in sound suppressors.  This is a great interview and it does get technical in a few places.   Our Second Interview is with Michael Keoughan from the Midland and Odessa Texas chapter of Come And Take It (CATI).  CATI is a grass roots organization that hopes to get Open Carry of handguns legalized in Texas.  Essentially This episode was taken from parts of another episode and greatly expanded on.  Originally the plan had been to do a different episode and include the GEMTECH interview as the Second Topic while providing the CATI Midland-Odessa Interview as a Bonus news item.  With Ray out and him wanting to be part of the 1911 episode I quickly redid the show notes so I could talk about my suppressor plans and then talk about the experience I had covering the Andrews OC Event.

Story: The first story is one that has been making the rounds, on Saturday a Maryland mall was the scene of a terrible tragedy.  Police have released the shooters name but are still seeking a motive.  The Myself as a host on the ProGun Podcast would like to express my deepest sympathies for the victims and their families.  While we would love to comment on the shooting there are not enough facts nor has enough time passed for us to properly process what happened.  We do reserve the right to comment on this tragedy at a later time.

Story: Ruger as well as Smith and Wesson have both announced that they will no longer sell new firearms to California in response to the microstamping requirement being put into effect.

Story: Civitas, a national chain of newspapers, is planning to build a database of people licensed to carry a concealed handgun on a state by state basis.  They plan to do this using public records act requests to get the data.  A spokesperson for the company said that they do not plan to publish names from this database.

Story: The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Abramski V. United States.  The heart of the case is can the executive branch change definitions of the law without congressional approval.  Abramski was convicted of buying a firearm for someone else, which is known as a straw purchase.  The person he purchased the firearm for is his uncle who can legally own a firearm which was not considered illegal until the Clinton Administration.

Read more ›

Episode 50: Guns and Business (Solocast)


So Ray is out sick for this one, and because it was just me and I know Ray wanted to do  particular set of show notes I grabbed the most incomplete set of show notes we had that was still usable and ran with it.  These show notes were originally going to be done much further down the road so I stumble through them and eventually complete an episode.  I do apologize to the 5 callers who called in but I was too busy being unprepared for the show to bring them in and did not notice them until the show was nearly finished and they had hung up.  The good news is that a whole new system of bringing the callers into our podcast is being used and it works much better than before.  So with that said and no real news to speak of grab the audio and listen in.

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