Episode 19: NICS Appeals, UPINs, and Backup Guns


On this episode we will discuss NICS Denials, UPINS, and Backup Guns.  We will do this quickly because I forgot the charger for my notebook and we had to record on a less than fully charged notebook battery.  We also apologise for the delay between episodes but we do have to work in order to pay the bills.

Quote: Out of every hundred men, ten shouldn’t be there, eighty are are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.  — Hericletus, 500BC

Our Featured firearm for this episode is Ray’s Taurus Raging Bull .44 mag.  You can see pictures of it on our facebook album.

NICS Appeals and UPIN:
NICS means: National Instant Criminal Check Systems
All the information you need to start the process for an appeal of a denial or to get a UPIN can be found at the website below, or by calling the phone number below:
Website: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/nics/appeals
Phone number: 1-877-FBI-NICS (1-877-324-6427)

Story: The NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, Illinois State Rifle Association, and three Illinois residents are currently involved in a lawsuit against the state with the intent of legalizing some form of carry.  Illinois is the only state in the union that completely prohibits the legal carrying of a handgun for self defense.

Story: In West Virginia a suspect was shot by a resident of the house he is accused of attempting to burglarize.  The resident attempted to hold the suspect at gun point until the suspect charged him and the resident was forced to shoot.  The suspect is listed as being in stable condition from a gunshot wound to the head.

Story: The Brady Campaign and other gun banners have a new ally in their war on constitutional freedom, that ally is none other than al Qaeda.

Story: The Governor of New Hampshire has signed into law a bill that gives the state preemption over knife laws.  The bill was backed by an organization called Knife Rights.

Story: In Pennsylvania a black bear was put down after associating humans with food.  While the bear had not attacked anyone, it could have easily done so.

Story: A woman was firing an AR15 rifle at a target inside the master bedroom closet when she missed and negligently shot the washing machine.  When she was asked to write a sworn statement she said “I’ll try my best but I’m drunk.”  And the story only gets stranger from there when it’s revealed that it was unclear as to what the husband was grilling.

Story: We do have a follow up on the story we discussed back in Episode 18 where a 26 year old former Marine was shot and killed.  The SWAT team had at least one camera running and in the video does seem to identify themselves, however the video does not show what happens inside the residence and leaves many questions unanswered as well as creates some new ones.

Story: We have a story where a group of law enforcement officers including the Texas Rangers, Texas Game Wardens, and the U.S. Border Patrol came under heavy fire from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande River.  The American officers returned fire at the suspected cartel officers.

Story: A customer who attempted to detain armed robbers in a Houston Texas Grocery Store was shot by the suspects while he attempted to hold the door shut on them.

7 comments on “Episode 19: NICS Appeals, UPINs, and Backup Guns
  1. Hello Elitist, I thought you would like to know that we have a plan since you guys killed OC this year. We have a secret plan and now working on state and federal lawsuits to force Texas to respect the constitution and end the ban on open carry. If you can’t legislate then you need to litigate! SO ***** YOU ***** YOU CANT STOP US.

  2. G.A. Heath says:

    I had to edit out your use of foul language before approving it. I am glad you have a plan, I guess you were so excited that you had to let us know it was also a secret plan? One word of advice: It isn’t a secret any more when you go posting it on the internet. Just saying.

  3. people who open carry are the sheep dogs that protect the rest of you. our very being their scares off the criminals and lets you sheeple get away while we exterminate the evil in this world. so support the lonestar citizens defense league by visiting ***FUND RAISING LINK REMOVED*** and help us get sheep dogs for texas!!!!!

  4. G.A. Heath says:

    Oh Boy! I think you have given me some show material, Which is essentially why I don’t like that whole sheep dog analogy. I really hope that you don’t try to exterminate the evil in the world. I saw this because if you do it will most likely be easy for a prosecutor to track down where you have said things similar to this post which could lead to you being charged with, and/or convicted of, murder. I also removed your link to the web page for fund raising and will not tolerate such links for any organisation that myself or Ray have not approved of.

  5. Ray says:

    I would have to say you hard line approach to open carry is really doing you more harm than good. Educate people to open carry. And drop the “With Us Or Against Us” mind set.

  6. The time for educating is over and we now move to the other two of the three boxes. we have used the soap box long enough and now its time to use the ballot box where we vote out the elitist libtards. if that doesn’t work then all we are left with is the ammo box and lets hope it never comes to that. its time for you libtard elitist to join us or we will run a pr campaign to run your listeners off.

  7. G.A. Heath says:

    Now your advocating armed revolution? I hope you guys really wake up before you do something truly stupid/rash. I really don’t think your gonna hurt us by running off our listeners, we podcast because we want to not because we make money (which we don’t, in fact it costs me a significant bit to do it).

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