Episode 22: Hunting season is almost here!


On This Episode we discuss mounting your rifle scope and getting ready for the hunting season.  We talk briefly about scope mounting and then move on to talking about hunting.   But before that we mention the New Shooter Podcast, The Rimfire Podcast, a web portal for gun related info called Gun Owners Resource, and a youtube video with a song called American Rifle by Tommy Conners.

Our quote for this episode is “Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway” — John Wayne.

Story: Our first story is about a man who purchased a Colt 1911 pistol in an online auction.  According to the article it turns out that the pistol was stolen more than thirty years ago.  The buyer returned the gun to the owner who had been issued the Medal of Honor.  The most interesting thing about the Citation for the Medal is that it mentions the pistol in question.  The buyer didn’t want money for returning the gun, however the rightful owner wanted to make things right for the buyer and gave him another Model 1911 that had in fact belonged to a close friend of the owner.

Story: A woman who develops games and at one time donated money to anti-gun groups is now a gun owner.  In the article she talks about how games do not make people killers and she talks about how gaming made her a better shooter.

Story: The NRA, and firearms dealers, have filed a lawsuit against the new reporting rule issued by the ATF.  The article is more balanced than you would think since it is titled “Gun lobby fights Mexico border rifle sale control.”

Story: In Miami a Kidnapping and robbery could have easily turned into a murder when the Kidnappers kidnapped a man and took himto his home where they introduced his girlfriend, who they apparently kidnapped as well, to his wife.

Story: Twenty six AK-74 rifles and one Dragunov sniper rifle were stolen from a California military base somewhat recently.  These weapons are most likely full auto and one rifle has been recovered.  There is a reward for information leading to the arrest of the thieves and recovery of the weapons.  Some arrests have already been made in this case.

Story: Feeling the need to dance in the blood of gun control victims, gun control organisations in the United States are calling for more gun control as a result of the mass shooting in Norway.

Story: In Ohio a nutjob went on a shooting spree where he killed seven people before being confronted by police and was stopped.

Story: An attorney in New Jersey is offering a $5000 reward to the first person who can show to his satisfaction that the New Jersey gun buyback program that allows anonymous disposal of firearms at churches is legal.  There are four issues that is mentioned in the article that any legal argument must overcome.

Story: While addressing the National Council of La Raza President Obama said that he would like to “bypass Congress and change the laws” on his own. He also added, “Believe me; the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you.”

Story: In Skyway Washington a witness to a shooting captured, searched, and handcuffed the suspect before police could arrive.  The initial shooting occurred as the result of an argument over a drug deal, in which both parties were carrying guns.  The party who was shot was taken to the hospital, while the suspect who was handcuffed was taken to jail.

Story: In Illinois local leaders of Law Enforcement support the legalization of concealed carry.  Illinois is the only state in the United States without any provision for concealed carry, in fact it will soon be the only state that completely prohibits legal carry.

Story: A Pregnant Houston woman was robbed at gun point by a fake police officer in Alvin Texas.  The victim failed to get a description of the suspect, or his vehicle.  The article gives good advice for drivers being stopped at night.

Story: Two robbery victims complied with the suspects demands and were shot anyway.

Story: In St. Petersburg Florida an armed robbery suspect, who was wearing a ski mask, was shot multiple times when the intended victim drew his own legally concealed firearm and defended himself.

Story: In Monte Alto Texas a sixteen year old boy used a shotgun to defend his mother and himself from three armed suspects who fired at him.  The victim returned fire with a shotgun wounding one suspect in the leg.  Two suspects are teens and are currently in custody while the third, who is believed to be twenty or twenty one, remains at large.

Story: A kidnapping and ransom plot was foiled when the suspect was out smarted by his victim.  The suspect kidnapped the victim making her think that he was armed with a gun then attempted to force her to withdraw money from an ATM.  The victim told the suspect that her card was a credit card, but she had money with a friend.  The only problem was the friend didn’t speak english.  The suspect let her contact the friend who contacted police.  The police were waiting when the suspect brought the victim to get the money, and the suspect was arrested without incident.  Turns out the suspect was not armed.

5 comments on “Episode 22: Hunting season is almost here!
  1. Johnny Leeson says:

    You **** are just complete and total **** when it comes to ****. Name 1 gun that is better than a **** in any way for any use!!! you cant! because its not possible. so ****.

  2. G.A. Heath says:

    I edited your post so that it was acceptable for children to read. Additionally I removed the name of the firearm that you are all fanatically about. We are not against any gun that is quality made. We have talked about those firearms, I bought one, shot it, and eventually sold it due to issues that are known for that particular variant. That manufacturer makes quality products, but we did make the comment at the end of the show just to irritate the fanatics.

  3. Mathew says:

    This Johnny boy is such a baby. He needs to just Glock Off

  4. Hey thanks for the shout out!

  5. G.A. Heath says:

    No problem.

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