Episode 27: An impartial look at the Glock.


In this episode we talk about Glock handguns as impartially as we can and then we talk about how much energy a gas piston system leaches off of a .223.

Our quote for this episode is: “Rapists just *love* unarmed women. And the politicians who disarm them.” –Eric S, Raymond.

And our Featured firearm is Ray’s Taurus Judge chambered for the three inch shot shell with no fluting on the cylinder.

Followup: Texas officials have closed their investigation into the anti-liberal and anti-Muslim radio advertisement by Crockett Keller.  They concluded that he has done nothing that would violate the requirements for an instructors certificate and that Mr. Keller has affirmed that he would not close his class to anyone based on national origin, race, or religion.

Followup: The Canton Ohio man who had been threatened by a Canton Ohio police officer has gone to court and pled guilty to being stopped in the road.  All other charges have been dismissed by the judge under criminal rule 29 which means that the prosecution did not make a sufficient case to prove reasonable doubt.

Story: The Memphis Tennessee Police Department is missing a small quantity of ammunition and they are investigating its disappearance.  If you happen to be in the general area and happen to find two hundred thousand rounds of ammo the Memphis PD would like to know about it.

Story: In single week in Wisconsin more than 20,000 applications for the concealed carry license were turned in.  Of those 879 licenses were already approved and 793 had been printed.  In addition to that 117 applications had been rejected for various reasons such as incomplete applications, missing information, missing payment, along with others.

Story: Texas Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman has been working with Jerry Patterson to develop a policy for the Railroad Commission that would allow employees with a Texas Concealed Handgun License to carry a handgun while at work in order to defend themselves against wild animals or criminal elements.

Story: Fifteen current or former members of Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors against Illegal Guns organisation, which bills itself as wanting to prevent crime, are criminals.  I’m going to chalk this one up to them wanting a safe working environment.

Story: A British Spitfire that had crashed over 70 years ago was found with parts of it being recovered Including six of the machine guns as well as ammunition.  Parts from six of those Browning Machine Guns chambered in .303 were used to assemble a working gun that was fired using modern ammunition.

Story: In a Story that shows the bias the media demonstrates its lack of knowledge about the subject of firearms by referring to a suspect using a military-handgun.  The suspects have not been captured so there is no proof the handgun used was military property so we must assume the Militiary-style-guns comments mean a military style handgun in which case we must point out that all guns are for the most part military style.

Fast and Felonious News:
Story: Eric Holder testified before congress about the Fast and Furious scandal.  As expected he reaffirmed his previous statements about when he knew, that more gun control would have prevented it, and he thumbed his nose at Agent Terry’s family.

Story: At least one source in the media has now stated that the Fast and Furious scandal is not a botched operation, except where the whole getting caught thing happened.  This is important because the message that this was a political operation to generate support for gun control is starting to get out.

Story: The justice department (read Eric Holder) is refusing to provide 11 witnesses that were requested by Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Grassley.  While the article quotes Senator Grassley as saying they requested the witnesses we must assume that they were simply requested, but not subpoenaed as a result of the DOJ promising to work with the congressional investigation.

Seriously ??? news:
Media (audio podcast): On Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Mr. Tom Taylor announced that Mossberg would be launching a Zombie Version of some of its products including their shotgun and a tactical version of their model 464 lever action rifle.

Story: Not wanting to be left out of the Zombie marketing madness Taurus has let slip that at least a prototype version of the popular Judge pistol called the Zombie Responder exists.  This particularly ugly variant is based on the Raging Judge with a three inch chamber, six inch barrel, and accepts .454 Casull as well as the popular .410 shotshell and .45 Colt cartridges.

Story: Mayor Bloomberg of New York City along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns couldn’t resist joining the Zombie craze themselves.  Their angle is to get a zombie to sign his name to at least two advertisements, three letters to congress, and one letter to the president.  The Zombie in question is Freeland Borough, PA’s Mayor Tim Martin who died in September of 2010.  But don’t worry MAIG has an excuse.

10 comments on “Episode 27: An impartial look at the Glock.
  1. GlockOwner says:

    You guys couldn’t do an accurate podcast about Glock products if you had half a brain between you. Eric Shelton, who is a Mensa member, said the Glock was an all new design on the handgun world show when he guest hosted but you try to take away from that like all 1911 owners do. First off Glock did not put a team of experts together he came up with everything himself then he built it and then sold it all over the world. Secondly Glocks only malfunction when people do stupid things with them like shoot reloads like the manual says not to or trying to modify perfection. Thirdly it is the first polymer striker fired locked breach handgun ever made! If you can’t handle that then you need to get a Glock so you can learn why.

  2. G.A. Heath says:

    I approved your post via my phone, but I wanted to respond using a real keyboard to avoid typos. I’m not really sure if your post is sarcastic or if you are truly a rabid, foaming at the mouth, fanboy. Let me make one thing clear, the Glock is a good gun but its not for everyone.

    Now regarding your reference to Eric Shelton, I have heard him mention on his podcast when he was doing it that he was a member of Mensa, that has little bearing on if what YOU claim is true. He may have said it was an all new design, but just about all modern handguns can be considered as “all new of a design” as a Glock was then. And Gaston Glock did put a team of experts together, to prove it I would like to offer up some suggested reading by the title of “Glock: The New Wave In Combat Handguns” by Kasler which is available on amazon. So put down the PS2/X-Box/PC Controller/Keyboard and do a little reading of something in dead tree format, you might learn something.

    Next up your statement about Glocks not malfunctioning, My former Gen 4 failed out of the box, so that was disproven with Glock Perfection. As for the Kabooms only happen with reloads, not always. I suggest you check out http://www.thegunzone.com and keep in mind that there are documented cases where KaBooms have occured with factory ammo in Glocks.

    Finally your assertion that the Glock is “the first polymer striker fired locked breach handgun ever made!” may or may not be true, and its spelled “breech”. The H&K VP70 predates the Glock and is a polymer framed striker fired handgun. The Glock could be the first such handgun to utilize a locked breech but that is a minor point in the grand scheme considering how long the locked breech design has been in use.

    And I have owned a Glock, specifically a Gen 4, I sold it after it had too many reliability issues.

  3. Ray says:

    I find your comment is without foundation. I said I have no problem with Glocks. As of a matter of fact I have a Glock 20 in 10MM on order with our local gun dealer. I think it will make a very good gun for hog hunting.

  4. Ray says:

    Got my Glock 20 10MM In today. Will be hitting the range this weekend.

  5. John S. says:

    Some people drive Chevy’s…some drive Ford’s. Glock is a quality handgun, but as said before, they may just not be for everyone. Some people (myself included) feel that it has all the asthetics of a UPS truck. That doesn’t make it a bad gun. Just makes it different.

    Thanks guys for putting out a quality podcast!

  6. G.A. Heath says:

    Thanks for the great comments.

  7. Ray says:

    Took my Glock 20 10MM Hog hunting. It does everything as advertised.

  8. Finally one of you got some sense. Welcome to the club of people who one the absolute best combat handgun ever made. Now you need to take your 1911s to have them cut up and sold for scrap. Well you can skip the cut up step because they are scrap metal as is. Now you need to get the other one to join those of us who are truly enlightened.

  9. G.A. Heath says:

    Seriously? I suggest you take the fanboyism somewhere else. I owned a Glock, a Gen4, which was nothing but trouble. Should the right Glock present itself for the right price I would probably buy it, but I’m not looking therefore it probably won’t happen.

  10. Ray says:

    Took my Glock 20 10MM to the range today. It is a very accurate pistol. Recoil was very manageable and my shot groups were very good. As for the 10mm cartridge it self, its shoot very flat and is fast. All things I look for in a hunting pistol.

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